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The first of all the osu!musicians and one of the game's developers to boot, nekodex is chiefly responsible for osu!'s musical theme and direction. Having composed the game's main-menu track 'circles!', his sound is familiar to just about anyone who's ever opened the game before. Outside of producing original content for osu!, nekodex has also created a wide assortment of tracks across different genres and styles, ranging from Touhou drum and bass rearrangements in his Moonlight Feast EP, to exploring House styles in some of his releases on the Diverse System label.

nekodex's sound varies fairly dramatically depending on his target audience. His tracks tailored for osu! tend to be bright, energetic and distinctively 'happy', whilst his tracks on other labels and releases possess a more varied sound. Strong rhythmic and melodic progression are the hallmark features of nekodex's sound, favouring mappers who prefer to create prominent and distinctive patterns to faster BPM tracks that gradually ebb and flow in their intensity.