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With a saccharine, uplifting sound, nanobii is a widely-loved Swedish producer of predominantly Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle and Synthwave. His signature tracks, "Rainbow Road" and "Chipland" were released on the Monstercat label to critical acclaim from the musical community. nanobii has performed all around the world in venues such as MOGRA in Akihabara, which has housed artists like Porter Robinson in the past. His signature sound has found its way onto numerous doujin releases such as the HARDCORE SYNDROME compilation series by TANO*C, alongside other big names like kors k and Ryu.

nanobii's bright and sparkling sound leads into sweeping synthlines and uplifting progression, making it a natural choice for beatmapping of all kinds. Newer mappers will find wonderfully defined leads to follow, and more experienced mappers will have ample opportunity to explore space and texture.