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Prominent in the rhythm gaming music scene, siqlo is a Japanese producer hailing from Osaka most well known for his widely varied sound that has featured in countless games - VOEZ, SOUND VOLTEX, CHUNITHM, Arcaea, SEVEN's CODE, and Muse Dash, just to name a few. With such a strong founding in the wider rhythm gaming community, it is no surprise that siqlo's music quite simply, works.

First appearing in osu! back in early 2015 with Lust's popular collaborative set for Forest Haze, siqlo has stayed close in the minds of many players for a long time since, with a later set by Dreamwalker in 2017 bringing his BMS classic One Way Street to an even wider audience of key smashers.

While his pedigree in half a dozen other highly acclaimed rhythm games should speak for itself already, mappers of all skill levels should have next to no difficulty finding something for them in siqlo's work - especially those who favor shorter tracks with punchy, highly distinctive rhythms in that classic "game-ready" format that we all know and love.