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Sable Hills

Rocking out since 2015, Sable Hills is a Japanese metalcore band hailing from Tokyo. Comprised of the vocalist Takuya Mishima, guitarists Rick Mishima, Yuto Fujimiya and drummer Keita Kondo, Sable Hills comes in loud and comes in hard, drawing similarities to other bands like BLOOD STAIN CHILD and GYZE. Citing influences like As I Lay Dying, Unearth and In Flames as their chief inspirations, any keen metalhead will pick out Sable Hills' unique take on the classic scene sound, infused with a vigor and grit all of their own.

A relative newcomer to the osu! music scene in name only, Sable Hills is sure to intrigue those fond of osu!'s long-running metal tradition, sporting high speed percussion and melodic guitar leads underscored with a mixture of smooth vocals and grungy death growls.