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The twin talents of Sakurai and Kimura, Omoi is a Japanese producer duo renowned for their unique electronic rock sound featuring VOCALOIDs since 2013. Starting out as two members of the same music club in high school, their extensive popularity has seen them reach audiences across the globe, including live performances at Magical Mirai at 2018 with their track Greenlights Serenade featuring as the theme song of the event itself and a two-year run at Niconico Chokaigi during 2018 to 2019.

In osu!, Omoi's astronomical acclaim arises from two collaborative sets hosted by Kroytz for Snow Drive (01.23) during 2016 and Teo in 2018 respectively, with both achieving over twenty million plays combined. The sheer cultural weight of these maps cannot be understated, with their enormous popularity essentially cementing Omoi as a permanent fixture in the musical tradition of osu! as a whole.

Creators who enjoy high energy, rock-styled tracks interwoven with VOCALOID singers will find Omoi to be a natural fit for their tastes, with a wide library of existing mapping available to source for inspiration.