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A mainstay name in the rhythm gaming music scene, P4koo is a South Korean producer whose work has featured in numerous titles and series, such as EZ2AC (EZ2DJ), SOUND VOLTEX, Dynamix, Muse Dash, Pump It Up, O2Jam, MUSYNX, OverRapid and more, just to name a few. P4koo is also a regular presence in the BMS music scene with several critically acclaimed entries.

First introduced to osu! by a contest-winning, collaborative set for Fly High hosted by awayuru back in 2016, P4koo has since enjoyed steady interest from the Korean osu! community over the years, with later sets for Crystal Illusion and Feelings of fake drawing ample audiences.

With such a strong portfolio already available, any fans of rhythm gaming in general are undoubtedly acquainted with the particular magic involved in P4koo's sound, encompassing a unique but familiar form of tracks with grandiose melodies, sweeping synths and fast-paced percussion, all squeezed into shorter pieces overall.