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Morimori Atsushi

Morimori Atsushi is a Japanese composer and DJ renowned for his wide catalogue of tracks and remixes that have featured prominently in the rhythm gaming scene. His work has featured in commercial films, and games like SOUND VOLTEX, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION, pop'n music, maimai and GROOVE COASTER and more, just to name a few. When he isn't drawing virtual crowds with his high-energy hits on in the gaming scene, he's bringing life to the dancefloor with monthly live DJ appearances in clubs and events across Japan, like his performances at EDPSOUND VOLTEX FLOOR ANTHEM 2017, plus many more.

In osu!, Morimori Atsushi's fame is firmly cemented in both the mapping and top-echelon player scenes with his wide arrangement of highly popular tracks across a variety of gamemodes. Regou's collaborative set for Txxs or get the fxxk out!! has featured in the osu! World Cup to understandably notorious acclaim, and has drawn over a million plays of its own accord - not to mention other tracks like Paradigm Shift and PUPA drawing similar levels of acclaim in osu!taiko and osu!mania.

Fans of high-energy, all-round tracks in a style very familiar to anyone who has ever played a rhythm game before will find plenty to explore in Morimori Atsushi's work, especially those who favor that classic BMS sound with heavy *core influences scattered throughout. Short-form tracks with heavy melodic and rhythmic variance also make his pieces a perfect pick for anyone looking jump straight in to mapping.