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Joe Ford

Shaking the foundation of the drum & bass scene since 2011, Joe Ford is a British electronic music producer hailing from Harrogate in the United Kingdom. His lengthy catalogue of accomplishments in the studio and critically acclaimed blend of genre-infused hi-tech drum & bass led to his meteoric rise in the scene during 2013 and beyond, supported by big names like UKF, Bad Taste, Hospital Records and Caliber.

Championed first in osu! by Yoges back in 2016 with their single-difficulty challenge set for Villain, Joe Ford has since seen uptake by the Mappers' Guild in the Unity Project track Gaucho to considerable popularity.

Mappers fond of technical tracks with a distinct drum & bass focus will find an abundance of opportunities to weave their magic in Joe Ford's vast array of genre-laced sounds, influences veering from funk, to rock, and as Shogun Records themselves puts it, just about anywhere in-between.