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Bringing her voice to song since 2010, Sennzai is a Japanese lyricist and vocalist from Hokkaido renowned across the doujin music scene for her powerful operatic voice, distinctive falsetto, bold vibrato and an unforgettable, highly varied timbre. No stranger to a wide array of musical genres, Sennzai's voice has featured in rock, pop, club, classical, folk music and more, even making appearances in many popular rhythm games like Deemo, Arcaea, maimai, CHUNITHM, and pop'n music. Accompanied by many main-stay producers in the doujin scene, Sennzai's signature voice will likely be readily recognizable by many.

Fans of vocal-infused songs should find something to their interest in Sennzai's sound, with her extraordinarily large body of work and history with different artists rendering her as a very versatile choice for any kind of mapping project, especially those seeking to experiment with full-length tracks.