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Dual Alter World

Connected by a shared love for metal and digital audio workstations, Dual Alter World is a Japanese metal project formed from combined talents of Kotori Koiwai, a talented voice actress, singer, songwriter and lyricist renowned for her roles in dozens of highly popular titles (such as Non Non Byori (as Renge Miyauchi) and Seven Deadly Sins (as Elaine)), and RYU, the lead guitarist from BLOOD STAIN CHILD and YUZUKINGDOM. Fusing two expert musicians produces a powerful outcome, as evidenced by their masterful melodic leads and lofty lyrics underscored by deep, grungy growls and utterly relentless percussion.

Though a newcomer to osu!'s scene, we expect the legion of fans who adore good metal to very much enjoy what Dual Alter World has on offer, with each and every track offering a perfect platform in a slightly shorter format than the typical piece one might expect from the genre.