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Se-U-Ra is a Japanese artist and producer who has been creating music since 2012, and has featured in a variety of popular rhythm games such as Dynamix, K-Shoot Mania and more. Their expansive sound and wide variety of work embraces a unique combination of glitchy twists, melodic hits and high-intensity beats, showcasing a broader catalogue of rhythm gaming music culture exemplified in the BMS community.

First introduced to osu! back in 2019 with Azzedd's collaborative sets for LOA2 and QSHELL -Kyoshoku no Shell-, Se-U-Ra saw an uptick again in popularity during early 2020 with the collaborative sets by Nao Tomori for Qlifact -another- and Genjuro for LOSHAXI -HACK- respectively.

Fans of the sweeping, high-energy piano and violin laden sound of the BMS scene will find much to like in Se-U-Ra's work, with a wide variety of varied and nearly universally fast-paced tracks available in a short form factor perfect for mapping at any level of engagement.