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Bridging the gap between traditional video game music, kawaii culture and modern EDM, BLOOD CODE is an acclaimed electronic producer renowned across the web for his uniquely cute but surprisingly punchy sound. He has been featured on various popular blogs and labels such as Nest HQ, Attack The Music, Tiny Waves and more, and has made appearances world wide across several major anime and video game related conventions, such as Anime Expo, PAX Prime, Daisho-Con just to name a few.

Don't be confused by the glitz and pastel, BLOOD CODE's sound hits hard, embracing a wide gamut of musical concepts across a variety of genres, and often features expressive vocals from a range of vocalists, including talents like our very own MYLK, moistbreezy, TOFUKU and Edo Lena. Mappers looking for energetic and emotive electronic tracks in the short form should definitely check out some of BLOOD CODE's work.