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A compelling fusion of chiptune mastery mingled with electronica, rock and EDM elements, LukHash's distinctively unique approach to electronic music weaves the hallmark features of several genres together with a nostalgic return to the musical motifs of the 80's to create something entirely new. An avid experimenter with hardware synthesizers, LukHash's unique twist on 8-bit sound arises from over a decade of experimentation with digital logic hardware, ranging from Commodore 64 systems to hacked Nintendo Gameboy consoles.

Darker, dystopian and pensive in feel, LukHash's striking sound captures a curious contrast between longing for a time since passed, and the tentative steps into a future unknown.

With osu! in mind, LukHash's work poses countless possibilities for highly skilled mappers. Extremely diverse in composition, speed and general temperament from one track to the next, songs within individual albums offer massively varied soundscapes upon which a compelling beatmap might be built.

Avid use of BPM and timescale changes opens up countless opportunities for proficient mappers to explore an often neglected domain in beatmap composition, and sweeping *step-like synthlines and choruses provide a familiar springboard from which newer mappers might whet their teeth on the complexity of more involved beatmapping.