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Erik McClure

Rising to prominence in the late 2000s through the Newgrounds audio portal, Erik McClure (previously known as Blackhole12) is an American producer with otherworldly talent for blood-pumping techno and trance. Taking early influence from his Newgrounds artist peers like ParagonX9, F-777, and Mrmilkcarton, many consider his sound a classic for this era of internet-age techno music. With a more orchestra-based approach in recent years, his mix of traditional instrumentation and EDM beats is a fresh take on his nostalgic tone.

Erik McClure's shine on osu! came through a beatmap of Lagomorphic by happy623, garnering over 2 million plays since 2013. Mappers aiming to re-engage with a sentimental outer-space sound or mappers interested in a modern musical perspective will be more than satisfied with what Erik McClure has to offer.