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Rin / Function Phantom

A man of many names and talents, Rin (aka: DJ Ginsuke, Ocelot, SiSTEMA, Function Phantom, Thinktec) is a prolific Japanese doujin musician with a penchant for the exceptional. Producing tracks of numerous genres since early 2009, Rin's work spans the gap of many genres - from EDM, to house, trap and beyond, each of his many aliases representing a brand new facet of his signature creativity. From his work interpreting the sounds of ZUN in his Touhou House set mixes, to experimenting with Vocaloid leads and much more, there's very little of electronic music that Rin hasn't tried his hand at.

Known prominently in osu! as the talent behind the Function Phantom pseudonym, Rin's work embodies a quintessential 'rhythm gaming' sound - sweeping, pounding rhythms beset with catchy hooks and wildly varied beats, building and building upon central motifs in a multitude of ways.

Experienced mappers will thrive within his work, finding ample means to support complex and varied patterning of all kinds. Those familiar with other VSRGs will find a familiar sound in Function Phantom, and even something new in his work under the Rin alias.