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Fractal Dreamers

The fusion of two artists with completely different musical backgrounds, the Fractal Dreamers represents the meeting point between the styles encompassed within electronic music, and the overtures and motifs of classical music. Bereft of genre and defying description, the sound of the Fractal Dreamers simply is, culminating across a multitude of musical styles to create something entirely new.

Invoking a sound both familiar and fresh, the Fractal Dreamers project encompasses the combined talents of Helblinde and his wife, skymuted to create and tell the tale of a world utterly engulfed in silence, slowly drifting away into dreams upon the great beyond.

Mappers familiar with faster-paced tracks with heavy rhythmic variance and many weaving and overlapping musical lines will thrive within the Fractal Dreamers' work, finding no shortage of musical hooks and orchestral/synth lines to knit their patterns around.