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Wisp X

Experimenting with energetic and emotional tracks for over four years, Wisp X is an up-and-coming electronic artist rapidly making a name for themselves. Rising to prominence by their widely acclaimed Undertale's Megalovania remix (which gained over a million views), Wisp X is no stranger to the spotlight, having also released several tracks with the popular Ninety9lives label, and was featured on the Waifu Wednesdays promotional channel.

Each of Wisp X's tracks encompasses its own feeling and story, rife with themes both familiar and fresh. Effortlessly underpinning catchy synth leads and chill hits with a distinctly enchanting presence, their masterful reimagination of classic EDM and electronica staples forms the foundation for something truly new and exciting.

Mappers both experienced and new will find a welcoming scaffold for their work within Wisp X's tracks, with a wild assortment of highly energetic tracks sharing the same musical glint with more downtempo and relaxed pieces.