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Exploding on to the scene in March 2017, OISHII's mysterious identity has made waves among the chiptune community. Just who is OISHII, and why do all of their tracks seem inexplicably fixated on food? Featured in a multitude of chiptune-centered blogs, YouTube channels and livestreams, some fans of the enigmatic creator have even taken to listing their work as Creamcore.

With a sound reminiscent of the highly popular Kirby games yet markedly different, OISHII's tracks are a frantic sugar-rush of speed and happiness, with euphoric synthlines singing out upbeat hooks that snag and grab at your attention relentlessly, sprinkled with a seasoning of video game and anime culture samples.

Simple yet complex, OISHII's work is perfect for mappers who have a firm grasp on the basics and wish to branch out into experimenting with higher BPM tracks. The simple soundline design present within the creamcore genre sounds out strong leads, accentuated with quirky trills and impactful percussion, making them impeccably clean to follow from a mapping perspective.