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Established in 2011 as a collection of Japanese music artists, the MOtOLOiD label was officially born in December 2012 during Winter Comiket, growing further from there. Featuring the talent of DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING, baker, DJ Powerless, Hige Driver, Yuyoyuppe and more, the group is home to many of the eminent producers of the Japanese scene, and more.

Constrained to no genre in particular, MOtOLOiD promotes tracks that range from Japanese-inspired EDM staples (with both real and VOCALOID vocalists), chiptune and chipstep hits, to even symphonic and melodic rock. If you're a fan of hard-hitting, sometimes unpredictable tracks from highly skilled and renowned producers, MOtOLOiD is bound to have something to suit your mapping tastes.