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Trial & Error

A multi-talented Japanese artist and producer, Trial & Error (aka: tandess, Souichi Sakagami) hails from a diverse professional background in the music industry. A composer, arranger and mixing/mastering engineer in his own right, Trial & Error is the mind behind countless anime and videogame themed tracks.

Proficient in a wide variety of musical styles, Trial & Error's work is incredibly broad in its scope - ranging from heartfelt ballads intermingled with high energy, to poppy hits set to popular Japanese vocalists, and even rock-themed pieces featuring vocalists both real and virtual.

Fans of the quintessential 'anime' sound will find themselves a kindred spirit in Trial & Error's work, and may even encounter a singer or two that they're familiar with. With straightforward structure and lyrical presentation, mappers of all kinds will have little difficulty in adapting his work to their own creations.