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antiPLUR / Internet Death Machine

Producing music for close to a decade, antiPLUR (a.k.a Aaron Dictor, Internet Death Machine) rose to prominence in the osu! community during 2015 when his track, Speed of Link was featured first as a super-high end osu! beatmap in November that year, then again as a high difficulty pick from the osu!mania 4K World Cup FreeMod mappool in October.

Combining classic 8-bit console sounds with catchy electronic melodies, antiPLUR's style is unique and unforgettable, featuring fast-paced hits sometimes interwoven with ethereal hints of heavily reverberating vocals.

A definite pick for the more mapping astute, the frankly dizzying level of potential in antiPLUR's work is best engaged by those already experienced with creating beatmaps in general, as some of his work truly delves into the deep end of higher BPM content.