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Beloved by the osu! community far and wide since early 2015, Camellia (also known as ** and Cametek) is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist Japanese music producer renowned for his frantically fast-paced take on the classic EDM sound in a manner that quintessentially encompasses almost everything that rhythm games seek in music.

A major presence in a multitude of rhythm games, Camellia's tracks feature heavily in a variety of SOUND VOLTEX games to critical acclaim, and he is a member of the EXIT TUNES Dance Production label. He also sports membership in Masayoshi Minoshima's labels DOWNFORCE and Alstroemeria Records, and has guest appearances on several big-name doujin labels such as HARDCORE TANO*C and Diverse System.

Sporting an incredible grasp on a variety of genres under the electronic music banner, Camellia's works effortlessly incorporate sounds and motifs across countless scenes, ranging from EDM to dubstep, hardcore, electro, glitch hop, psytrance, hitech, and many more. His work is by any and all definition, forged in the very heart of what makes rhythm game music tick, as over 100 ranked beatmaps stand as a testament to. Mappers of all levels will have little difficulty in picking up his work, though those with a penchant for more intense mapping will thrive in the extreme speed in which Camellia's work classically operates.