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Stepping into the wide world of music production at the young age of 10, onumi has fashioned her style off the backs of the underground music scene. Building her tastes and inspirations upon those of her father, onumi's' musical journey coursed throughout a variety of experiences both conventional and experimental in nature, ranging from more classic training in piano, band, choir and music theory to wild exploration of a broad host of musical genres.

Built into the very foundation of her artistic identity, these experiences birthed the onumi alias in early October 2017, and with it, her distinctly mystifying fusion of metal, old-school EDM and modern dub-inspired genres all glued together with an electrifyingly aggressive undertone.

Dark, mangy and outright hostile, onumi's sound is gritty, confronting, and a distinct departure from classical adherence to conventional time signatures and familiar rhythmic phrasing. Mappers with a penchant for exploring more technical aspects of beatmap construction will find an incredibly complex litany of sound to pick apart in her work, with sharp twists and turns in rhythmic cadence underscored with a progressive insistence that provides a firm stage for pattern-based experimentation.