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A growing composer in the rhythm gaming scene, HyuN is a multi-talented Korean composer and sound director, with tracks featured on recent titles such as Arcaea, PUMP IT UP and Rayark's VOEZ.

Possessing a broad founding in a variety of genres, HyuN's work stretches across a variety of sounds, ranging from original compositions, soundtracks, and more classical rhythm game electronica. Featuring a darkly atmospheric take on digital punk, many of his tracks feature pounding bass and rippling synthlines beset with airy choral vocals, with others drifting into brighter, more light-hearted anime-themed tones.

Anyone familiar with the staple rhythm game sound of old will find a kindred spirit in HyuN's work, with shorter, frantically paced tracks that are boundlessly energetic and bursting at the seams with complicated melodic breakdowns. Mappers of all levels will find it nearly effortless to engage with his sound across a variety of mapping styles and approaches.