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Imperial Circus Dead Decadence

Entering the scene in 2007, Imperial Circus Dead Decadence is a Japanese doujin death metal band famed for their symphonic and melodic sound, having featured in venues such as Shibuya Milkyway, Shibuya Cyclone, RedruM Fest 2017 and more.

Rising to prominence in the osu! community on the back of Kite's iconic beatmap of Uta ranked in early 2016, they have quickly snared the hearts of osu! players worldwide, their music held aloft atop the pinnacle of player skill attainment.

Historically the playground of some of the most difficult beatmaps osu! has ever seen, Imperial Circus Dead Decadence's sound loans itself effortlessly (and almost exclusively) towards higher level mapping, sporting all of the rhythmic and melodic complexity such creativity requires, complete with the classic percussive variance of the death metal style and accentuated further by syllabic Japanese vocals.