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The Flashbulb

A highly revered name in the American experimental and electronic music scene since 1993, The Flashbulb (aka: Benn Jordan) is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist producer, his work touching on a variety of themes and musical genres. Most known in the rhythm gaming scene for his earlier work in the Lawn Wake series and Passage D (both of which were widely charted in the younger days of Stepmania), The Flashbulb's sound spans a curious combination between the classical composition of yesteryear and the electronic embellishment of the now.

Our selection of The Flashbulb's sound universally shares a keen appreciation for break-styled drum beats, his signature mastery of the breakcore style and acid twangs loaning his work a continual form of rhythmic evolution throughout. Underscored betwixt emotive melodical leads with an often cinematic breadth, his work poses a fresh (yet familiar) challenge for mappers of the highest echelon to conquer.