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James Landino

Rocking over ten years of experience, James Landino is a music producer, composer and touring DJ with a keen interest in bridging the gap between video game music and EDM. His work has been featured in a variety of rhythm games and other multimedia sensations such as RWBY. He has also featured as headline acts for a huge variety of events, such as MAGFest, GDC, Anime Expo, Super Smash Con, Tokyo Game Show and much more, at times even sharing the stage with top-name Japanese artists like Teddyloid and Taku Takahashi.

With his widely diverse rhythm gaming background, James Landino's work strikes a curious balance between the classical rhythm game sound of the genre's earlier days and a more modern, move-your-feet kind of EDM styled funk. Vibrant, energetic and engaging, his sound is an established hit across a variety of games, and is a perfect match for all four of osu!'s gamemodes.

Concise, crisp and clean, mappers of all skill and experience levels will find it nearly effortless to engage with his sound.