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Forged in the depths of Nashville, Tennessee in 2006, Inferi is an American technical death metal band that has set itself apart from the rest through a blend of melodious and technical musicianship unseen in most modern extreme metal acts. Securing themselves a dedicated following and critical acclaim across the years throughout numerous albums, Inferi continues to blaze infernal trails throughout the scene, etching their names into numerous Billboard top charts and beyond. They have also toured extensively across the United States and Canada alongside acts such as Obscura, Archspire, Beyond Creation, Rivers of Nihil, Alterbeast, Virvum, Exist, Reaping Asmodeia and Grindmother.

Following the creation of Mazzerin's highly acclaimed beatmaps of Those Who from the Heavens Came and The Promethean Kings, Inferi has become synonymous with the highest echelon of osu! play, earning their reputation as the impetus for some the most mechanically demanding beatmaps ever made.

Fast-paced and aggressive tones complimented by highly technical musical composition lend Inferi's sound extremely well to mappers seeking to capture the essence of war, human creation, and the nine rings of hell in equally eclectic creations. In other words - they're hard. Only the most headstrong mappers dare to face the complexity of their rancorous sound, and even fewer still are worthy of the challenge. Do you have what it takes?