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Ricky Montgomery

Self-made creative entrepreneur and fortuitous singer/songwriter, Ricky Montgomery's musical trajectory spawned from a serendipitous series of happenstances. Dropping out of university to pursue an ill-fated internship at Adult Swim, he decided to throw caution to the wind and take the plunge into the musical world with his debut EP, Caught On The Moon, quickly heralding a nearly meteoric rise the top of the iTunes Rock and Alternative charts.

Emboldened by his sudden success, he set off to follow one victory up with another, sourcing the support of hundreds via crowdfunding campaigns to finance his latest album, Montgomery Ricky, which soon joined his first nearing the top of the iTunes charts. Touring across Los Angeles with his latest project titled The Honeysticks, Ricky Montgomery has eyes on the West Coast in the near future, and will undoubtedly be coming soon to a beatmap near you.

The bright, indie vibes of Ricky Montgomery's sound strike a sharp, but refreshing contrast against the electronically-dominant rhythm game context. Crooning vocals intermingle with cozy yet refreshing rhythmic progressions, positioning his work as perfect for newer mappers eager to experiment with their own take on beatmapping, and those who may wish to embrace slower and more paced pieces.