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Panda Eyes

Cranking up the bass since 2014, Panda Eyes is an electronic music producer hailing from Zurich, Switzerland. Wrangling elements from chiptune, dubstep and glitch-hop together with an ample sprinkle of inspiration from early 90's and 00's video game music for good measure, his signature sound has made waves across the globe.

Rising to fame with his rather aptly titled collaboration with Teminite named Highscore, Panda Eyes blasted into the hearts and minds of rhythm fanatics everywhere with the beatmap by Ciyus Miapah (then known as Fort), setting literal highscores as one of the most played sets of osu!'s history. Other hits of his such as Colorblind have seen phenomenal success in other rhythm games like Geometry Dash, well and truly establishing him as a fixture of modern rhythm gaming.

Favoring steady, layered rhythms common to the various step sub-genres and electronic music in general, Panda Eyes' sound is an ideal platform for beatmapping of all skill levels. With tracks spanning from slower dubstep-class BPM to the in-your-face pounding of drum 'n bass' classic 174 romp, those interested in exploring the nuances and the basics of mapping in its myriad forms are bound to find a strong candidate in his work.