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Klayton / Celldweller

Arising from the overtures of industrial metal back in the nineties, Klayton is a multi-instrumentalist musician, performer and producer hailing from New York City in the United States. Known best for his variety of musical projects, such as the electronic rock magnificence that is Celldweller, the industrial rock grit of Circle of Dust and the retro-electronic melodies of Scandroid, Klayton is to put it lightly, an avid presence in a variety of genres and scenes with an established history of excellence.

Renowned for weaving in elements of electronic genres with aggressively punchy metal and rock features sometimes tinged with orchestral motifs, much of his work under the Celldweller alias in particular has achieved something akin to a cult status within osu!, with tracks like Weaponized, Pulsar and Senorita Bonita sporting well-cherished sets.

Those wishing to experiment with Klayton's classic e-rock sound will find Celldweller's works to be right up their alley, whilst those wishing for a more traditional industrial rock theme will find Circle of Dust more their thing. Scandroid encompasses the sound of yesteryear wrapped up in the musical nuance of today in cyberpunk-ish soundscapes that have been slowly gaining traction in the mapping scene over the past few years.