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Made famous in osu! by her 2015 track titled Galaxy Collapse, Kurokotei is a French electronic producer drawing inspiration from the doujinshi music scene and Japanese music in general, from artists such as xi, sakuzyo, Miii, wa., Taishi, An and others. Her work has featured in other rhythm games, such as Dynamix and Arcaea, and even scored her a second place entry in the first osu!remix contest back in 2016. Beyond this, she is a long-term member of the osu!community since 2010, and has carved out a niche for herself in the osu!taiko competitive scene as a top-end player, mapper, and mappooler.

Fans of the classic rhythm gaming sound will find Kurokotei's take to be an exciting exploration on themes both familiar and fresh, sporting catchy melodic leads underscored with a variety of percussive staples. Mappers of all skill levels will have ample opportunity to embrace her work to the fullest, with plenty of room for the exploration of concept and patterning.