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Surging into the scene back in 2008, F-777 (also known as Jesse Valentine) is a Canadian producer, musician and YouTuber renowned across the gaming and Newgrounds community for his energetic *core-inspired sound. Featuring heavily in games like Geometry Dash, F-777's work has also made appearances in other titles such as Concerned Joe, One Finger Death Punch, Flash Flash Revolution, Rolling Sky and many more. With a growing community of over two hundred thousand listeners expanding by the day, F-777 is bound to be blasting on a set of speakers near you soon.

Sporting a considerable arrangement of beatmaps already available, F-777 is perhaps most popular on osu! for his rendition of Hans Zimmer's He's a Pirate mapped in 2012 by TicClick, with more recent maps like the collaborative set for Airborn Robots hosted by CookieBite turning heads and taking names.

Those fond of the classical EDM sound inspired by the indie musician staples of yesteryear will find themselves resonating with F-777's work - featuring all the glitz and rave-like thump that highlighted nearly a decade of music during the opening years of the new millenium and beyond. Old, new, or somewhere in between, there's something for everyone in F-777's work, and a legacy of beatmaps to date support a wholesome appetite for his sound as well.