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Slamming into your eardrums from Vancouver, Canada, MDK (aka Morgan David King) is an electronic music producer sporting ample inspiration from video game music. Blending his signature mixture of bass and chiptune (affectionately dubbed as wubstep by his fans), MDK's work straddles the divide between the modern musical motifs of today's electronica, and the nostalgic reverie of early gaming in general. MDK has received considerable acclaim from all across the globe, with his most-played song Press Start featuring nearly 20 million views on YouTube alone, and his sound has featured in numerous popular media projects, such as Geometry Dash and Need for Speed: Payback.

Featuring gnarly bass mingling with retro blips, energetic EDM and the occasional sprinkle of inexplicably smooth jazz, you're bound to enjoy what MDK has on offer. Mappers of all kinds should have little difficulty engaging with his work.