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Born in the United Kingdom, MYLK (aka Yuki Kurihara) is a producer, songwriter and vocalist renowned for her heavily J-pop and "kawaii"-inspired sound spanning across a broad swathe of EDM genres. Originally rising to fame after her vocal contributions to Muzzy's Crescendo in 2016 and later again with Feint's Outbreak during 2017, MYLK rapidly carved a niche for herself in the fabric of the EDM scene, with the latter piece ending up on Rocket League's highly vaunted Monstercat Vol. 1 track list.

Other collaborative pieces like her feature on Moe Shop's Magic only served to cement her iconic, bubbly sound and vocal prowess, with her work collectively snagging over nine-hundred thousand plays on Soundcloud alone, and seven million plus on YouTube. MYLK has also contributed unique compositions and sound design for A Pixel Story, a video game published by Channel 4, and has released a huge litany of official remixes, singles and sample packs.

Mappers fond of a classically saccharine and quintessentially sweet, cutesy inspired sound will find an absolute abundance of such things in MYLK's work, all underpinned by a keen understanding of poppy and punchy EDM staples woven together with her unique lyrical lilt.