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Rivers of Nihil

Establishing a powerful presence in the death metal scene with their smashing debut album The Conscious Seed of Light in late 2013, Rivers of Nihil is an American death metal band from Reading, Pennsylvania. Labeled as "the best new Death metal band you'll hear this year" as early as 2012, Rivers of Nihil's sound and roster has continued to evolve thunderously over time, ultimately culminating into the quintet's magnum opus release Where Owls Know My Name in early 2018. A heavenly blend of pulverizing modern death metal riffs with tinges of jazzy, brass accentuation, electronica doomsday overtures and gripping folk hooks, their most recent work highlights the progression and maturity of their sound, setting them apart as a flaming bolide among other death metal titans.

Perhaps one of the hardest genres to successfully realise, death metal remains the stomping grounds of some of osu!'s most skilled mappers to date, and Rivers of Nihil is no exception. Broad cinematic pieces culminate in lengthier tracks featuring varied tempo, cadence and feeling, posing a considerable challenge for even experienced mappers. Have you got what it takes?