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Making sick tunes from the United Kingdom since 2013, Teminite (also known as Sam Norris) is a British producer, composer and DJ. Embracing a massively varied arrangement of motifs and themes into his work, Teminite rose to prominence in the electronic music scene with his hit drumstep track Firepower, and a variety of remix features on big-name labels in the scene such as Disciple Recordings and Monstercat. Teminite rocks an extensive history of collaboration with other talented artists - his work with Panda Eyes saw them both soar to the forefront of osu!'s musical fabric with smash hits like Highscore and Immortal Flame, the latter featuring the vocals of Anna Yvette.

Crossing a diverse range of electronic sub-genres and branching into sometimes jazzy or even funk-like jaunts, Teminite's sound is basically built for mapping from the ground up. Heavy focus on strong melodic leads provides the perfect base for experimentation and development, with a myriad of musical styles affording ample space for music lovers of all kinds. Mappers both new and old should have little difficulty engaging with his work, especially if they're fond of EDM and the development of the *step scene during the 2010's and beyond.