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Blue Stahli

Striking out from Los Angeles in the United States, Blue Stahli is an eclectic multi-genre musical project fronted by its sole member, Bret Autrey. Inspired by bouts of raw, primal creativity, much of Blue Stahli's sound is every bit as unapologetically aggressive and artistically cinematic as its creator, featuring stark, unyielding design that has seen it carried into massive mainstream media staples, such as the Final Destination movies, Tron Legacy, Dead Rising 2 and even advertisements for Victoria's Secret. Sporting a consummately unique and utterly unmatched arrangement of pure musical grit, much of Blue Stahli's work draws deep on tribal influences interspersed with smatterings of industrial ultra-punk, resulting in an experience that is more or less raw, weaponized music.

First introduced to osu! way back in 2012 by Aleks719's set for Shotgun Senorita (Zardonic Remix), Blue Stahli's tracks have carved a path throughout the mapping scene ever since, inspiring a brave few to follow along and leave their mark with tracks like Throw Away and Atom Smasher.

Electronica-rock at its angriest, Blue Stahli's tracks pose a familiar yet decidedly unique challenge for mappers of all skill levels, should they be brave enough to delve into more energetic tracks. Those seeking a bridge between heavier forms of rock mixed heavily with electronic elements will find themselves perfectly at home with plenty to experiment with.