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Kola Kid

The self-proclaimed Godfather of chiptune in the post-Soviet Union bloc, Kola Kid is a Russian electronic music producer heavily inspired by retro video game BGM interwoven with more modern elements. Sporting an extensive history of live performances with over three hundred shows, Kola Kid has been shaking up the scene with his iconic Microrave party series where more than five hundred people gather to crush bits together at a time.

With going on eighteen releases, the breakcore-tinged, slightly punky quirk of Kola Kid attained popularity in osu! with Kert's 2012 set for can't hide your love and the collab set for press start hosted by Bonsai gathering over half a million plays, and spawning a trend that would see three more maps of the same track across two game modes join the fray.

Mappers interested in experiencing a new fusion of chiptune with more familiar forms of electronica will find something special in Kola Kid's work, with the quintessential 8-bit leads showcasing the style's strong emphasis on melodic leads, providing an excellent platform for creators of all skill levels to engage with.