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Frums is an electronic musician whose genre mastery stretches across the spectrum and seemingly beyond, reaching a hand into jazz, breakcore, chiptune, trap, ambient, bossa nova, and much much more. While they live in the perpetual paradise of the United States' sunny California, their work can be found more dominantly in the Japanese sphere, featuring a presence in rhythm games including SEVEN's CODE, Cytus II, *Cytus *, maimai MiLK and Arcaea, as well as contribution to doujin music labels such as Diverse System.

Mixing avant-garde experimentation with rhythm game track influences has cultivated a fierce appreciation for Frums within the osu!taiko and osu!mania communities. The coupling of rhythmic density and complexity in their songs allow for map design that no other tracks could support, along with a welcome change of pace for the average beatmapper.