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Sound Souler

Putting soul into sound since 2017, Sound Souler is a South Korean electronic producer with ties to Team Arcstar and Milkyway TRAXX. Embracing a wide range of styles, the genres of Bigroom House, Piano House, Artcore and numerous other creative enterprises feature heavily in his work, showcasing his signature style with vibrant melodic leads underscored by classic EDM staples.

Variance is the name of the game, with much of Sound Souler's work showcasing a wide variety of BPM and compositional grit. Acoustic elements intermingle with electronic staples and sometimes jazzy twists, resulting in a new spin on a classic rhythm gaming sound. Mappers fond of considerable evolution and a musical 'journey' within the tracks of their choice will find Sound Souler to be right up their alley, complete with shorter duration tracks that reward planning and conceptual development.