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Venetian Snares

Bringing breakcore to the fore since the 1990s, Venetian Snares (aka Aaron Funk) is a Canadian producer and musician. Experimenting with countless sounds and styles, he is most well known for drawing back the curtain on breakcore as a genre, with his orchestral-breakbeat masterpiece album Rossz Csillag Alatt Szletett pushing the previously niche genre well and truly into the limelight. An undisputed master of incorporating hugely diverse sampling, peculiar time signatures and impossibly complex drum sequences into his work, Venetian Snares eminence in the art is second to none.

Within osu!, Venetian Snares was first explored back in 2015 by the mapper fergas with sets for My So-Called Life, Integraation and She Runs, bringing about a renaissance of interest in the genre which had not been explored for many years at the time.

Mappers keen to exposure a distinctly rhythmic challenge will find a perfect candidate in Venetian Snares' sound, with his execution of breakcore's fundamentals creating a soundscape that favors complex, evolving patterning.