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Enchanting the rhythm gaming music scene since 2013, ginkiha is a Japanese electronic music producer. His work has been featured in countless projects, ranging from titles published by big-name players in the scene, such as Konami, Capcom, Neowiz, Rayark and more, with showcases in prime-time TV advertising campaigns and numerous showings at various club events. Very few artists can lay claim to such an established legacy in rhythm gaming music as ginkiha can.

Widely renowned for his distinctively energetic and uplifting sound, ginkiha rose to critical claim in osu! with Deif's collaborative set for Oriens back in 2012, laying the groundwork for alacat's hugely popular collaboration with RLC and 11t in EOS during 2014, nearly instantly becoming a generational classic. Famed for its nigh-unmatched aesthetics, EOS remains one of the most impressive beatmaps ever to have been made.

New or old, it matters not as far as ginkiha's sound is concerned when it comes to mapping. Consummately engaging and open to a huge range of concepts and themes, his work is perfect for anybody looking to dip their toes into the art, or to test their creative limits with more advanced endeavours.