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Creating music since 2011, LeaF is a Japanese electronic music producer with a keen history in the rhythm gaming music scene. Rising to notability with his win in the THE BMS OF FIGHTERS ULTIMATE 2016- Legendary Again competition with Aleph-0, LeaF has quickly become something akin to a household name when it comes to rhythm gaming, establishing his place among the titans of the scene with his constantly evolving sound design and experimentation across countless genres. His work has since featured in many games, including appearances in the SOUND VOLTEX series, CHUNITHM, maimai and even Taiko no Tatsujin.

In osu!, LeaF's work reached explosive heights with the set for Calamity Fortune mapped by Flower in early 2013, sparking a trend that would later see numerous of his works shaped into top-end community mainstays, and even resulting in Evanescent featuring as the debut track for the Aspire experimental mapping contests.

Unbound by genre and style, LeaF's sound tolerates no boundaries and thrives on one concept alone: being excellent for rhythm gaming. Utilizing his own personal knowledge of osu! and other big-name games, LeaF's work is consummately suitable for all kinds of mapping at both entry level and the uppermost echelons of difficulty.