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Dropping beats since 2013, O2i3 is a Korean electronic music producer broadly influenced by the Fusion Jazz and UK Hardcore scenes. His signature memorable melodies and experimentation with genre-weaving have led to his work being adopted in big-name rhythm game features, such as O2Jam, SOUND VOLTEX, MUSECA and more.

Made popular in osu! by Ciyus Miapah (a.k.a Fort)'s thumping set for Ooi back in 2015, O2i3 has had his work adopted by numerous mappers across multiple gamemodes, with later sets for Belly Flopper, TSLove and Capitalism Cannon forming an enduring legacy for the energy contained within his sound.

Mappers seeking high-energy hits will undoubtedly feel well at home in O2i3's soundscapes, pounding beats and unfathomably catchy synth leads combining into a classic combination that has seen many, many years of popularity within the rhythm gaming scene as a whole, and likely many more to come.