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Weaving tunes since 2013, meganeko is a Swedish electronic music producer widely renowned for his eclectic hybrid sound, featuring inspiration and elements from a variety of genres and themes. His debut EP Robot Language snagged him an underground following from the very beginning, followed up by boy irl girl url in 2015 which sky-rocketed to prominence after community members of the Newgrounds-based video game Geometry Dash pounced on Milkshake as a fan-favourite. He has also composed original music for a handful of video games, namely skill-based platformer Slime-San and its expansion Sheeple's Sequel, plus the indie musical bullet-hell Project Arrhythmia.

Folding in elements of chiptune, EDM and cyberpunk-tinged synthwave across his near decade of musical history, meganeko's work varies from album to album, with earlier features like Robot Language and boy irl girl url showcasing more of the the former, and later releases like Technokinesis, Nascens and Eclipse embracing the latter. Full of energy and continual melodic development, much of meganeko's work is practically built for the rigors of rhythm gaming, with long-form tracks like Empyrean and Velocity constantly evolving throughout.

Mappers interested in embracing a unique swathe of high-energy music will find themselves well at home in meganeko's work, especially those brave enough to delve into the challenges of more lengthier sets.