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Blasting BEMANI influenced tunes since 2013, Zekk is a South Korean electronic music producer and DJ with an established history in the rhythm gaming scene. From his beginnings as a guest member of the Skrillex and Diplo supported Japanese label TREKKIE TRAX, Zekk has been bringing life to clubs all throughout Shibuya such as MOGRA, Lounge NEO and WOMB, with appearance on big-name internet radio features like m.flo and Taku Takahashi's Block.fm. He is also a noted doujin music artist, with releases in many famous circles like S2TB Recordings, MEGAREX and Diverse System, and has also had his work featured in popular rhythm games like crossbeats, CYTUS II, Arcaea and Lanota.

Fusing high-energy club hits and vocal twists with pounding electronic synthlines, Zekk's music is all about making you move, with that classical rhythm game spritz that we all know and love smashed together with a keen understanding and interpretation of modern club music and EDM as a whole. Mappers keen on more frantic, trance-y tracks will find Zekk's work supports their tastes perfectly, with a broad selection of subgenre fusions to choose from.