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MIMI is a Japanese composer and producer with a focus on weaving the synthetic voices of the VOCALOID lineup with classical piano instrumentation across a myriad of genres and styles, including pop, piano rock and ballad. Debuting with lapis lazuli back in 2016, MIMI's creations have made considerable waves in the VOCALOID producer scene ever since and achieved ample popularity in osu! and beyond, with tracks like Ai no Sukima, Mizuoto to Curtain and Marshmary attaining millions of plays on a variety of platforms.

Mappers eager to tackle a more energetic take on the standard VOCALOID inspired sound will find much to work with in MIMI's sound, and those newer to the craft may find their tracks an excellent starting point for a foray into the wild world of mapping.

MIMI's cover image was created by ao / @aokarimero.