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Aggressively shredding since 2010, PUP (short for Pathetic Use of Potential) are a Canadian punk rock band with a penchant for wicked riffs and speedy tracks with more beats than a minute simply has room for. Exporting attitude worldwide with their aptly-titled jaunt If this tour doesn't kill you, I will in 2016, PUP has snagged acclaim after acclaim for their energetic and extraordinarily animated sound and live performances. Their work has been featured in various video games from the NHL series, Watch Dogs 2 and even netted themselves a virtual cameo in the visual novel Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

Embracing the spirit and sass of punk, PUP's sound is gloriously frantic and interwoven with a heavy emphasis on vocals and grungy guitar riffs. Mappers who are seeking to test the upper limits of their patterning prowess have plenty to work with, but only if they can pull it off fast enough to keep pace. Those fond of embracing the more Western-oriented elements of rhythm gaming from things like the Harmonix series of Guitar Hero and Rock Band games will something pleasantly familiar in PUP's tracks waiting for them.