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Rusty K

Blasting wicked tracks since 2012, Rusty K is a Russian electronic music producer well known for his unique blend of tech, *step and neurofunk inspired drum & bass. Favoring darker sounds in his work, much of Rusty K's artistry encompasses an industrial yet impeccably smooth profile, mingling melodic progression with synthetic (and sometimes orchestral) twists and turns all underscored by a pervasive energy that is plainly difficult to find anywhere else.

Rising to cult fame in osu! with Mir's technical takes on All That We Lost and Dark Eyes, plus C00L's exploration of Last Of Us during 2017, Rusty K has firmly settled into a unique niche in the tapestry of osu!'s creative history as an early vanguard in new explorations of electronic music in mapping.

Fans of darker toned but heavily conceptual pieces will find themselves right at home in Rusty K's work, with his tracks favoring a surprisingly broad selection of mappers both experienced and new. Fearing a broad selection of in-the-moment sounds to latch onto and wider melodic progression, anyone interested in stepping into the world of more technical mapping has no further to look.